Woodland Management

I can help with woodland management plans and can carry out any works required from felling to fencing.

I am most interested in the managing, the establishing, and the restoring of neglected coppice.

Tree Work 2

Tree Work

I can carry out all manner of tree work including hedge laying.

I’m used to working at height and on steep slopes.

Tree Work 1

Coppice Products

I can supply bean poles, hedge stakes, den building sticks, bespoke round wood orders.

Please ask, if I can’t help you I may know someone who can.

Cutting happens over the winter so orders before then are most helpful.

Stone work

I build dry stone walls, retaining walls, terraces, stone steps and I can landscape your garden to meet your vision.


Hedge Laying

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New Faschines

Erosion Control

I make and install fascines to combat erosion on slopes and river banks. I can also clear areas of himalyan balsam.

Faschines Riverbank
Three Spatulas

Green woodwork

I can make, or teach you to make oak gates, gate hurdles, spatulas, pergolas, timber framing pegs, stools, wooden flowers, toys, the list goes on. I have taught green wood work courses.

Green Woodwork
About Keith

About Me

I joined Knott Wood Coppicers in 2003 and have been learning and gaining experience of coppicing ever since then. A life time won’t be enough to learn all there is to know. I was a founder member of Blackbark, a woodland management worker’s co-op. I feel like I’m part of the woodland ecology with bill hook in hand, cutting coups of hazel, preserving ancient techniques, restoring micro habitats, producing useful items for gardens, fences, kitchens and our wider home: the land. I like to share my knowledge and experience and feel part of my work is to pass on what I have learned from my time out in the woods.

I was taught the art of dry stone walling by my friend and mentor Bryan Green. We spent a summer building and repairing flights of steps, a huge retaining wall and stone flag patios.

Since then I’ve honed my own style but often ask myself “what would Bryan do next” while on site. I most enjoy constructing multi levelled garden terraces with curved walls and steps but can do straight lines to. I’m also happy repairing field boundaries.

When not on site I like to make things from the wood I’ve harvested. I like the old “green wood” techniques and using hand tools to shape pieces. I prefer to make items of use rather than ornament. I love the satisfaction of using handmade items. They are often higher quality and more enduring.