Hi, I’m Keith and I offer woodland management and tree work services, hedge laying, coppice products and dry stone walling.

Based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, I usually work locally but will travel for worthwhile and interesting projects.


I can help with woodland management plans and can carry out any works required from felling to fencing.

I am most interested in the managing, the establishing, and the restoring of neglected coppice.

Keith at the top of a birch tree removing the top branches.


I can carry out all manner of tree work including hedge laying.

I’m used to working at height and on steep slopes.

Keith wearing safety gear and brandishing a chain saw in a woodland coup.


I can supply bean poles, hedge stakes, den building sticks, bespoke round wood orders.

Please ask, if I can’t help you I may know someone who can.

Cutting happens over the winter so orders before then are most helpful.


I build dry stone walls, retaining walls, terraces, stone steps and I can landscape your garden to meet your vision.

A steep overgrown garden looking a mess.
A big pile of stones ready to be used.
Keith wearing protective eyewear working on the garden terrace wall.
A well presented 3 layer terraced garden with stone walls and steps.


I lay hedges in a traditional manner complete with hedge stakes and weavers responsibly sourced from my coppice restoration projects.

A large pile of bunches of twigs and branches that are called Fascines.


I make and install fascines to combat erosion on slopes and river banks. I can also clear areas of himalyan balsam.

Facines installed on an eroded hillside.
Hand carved greenwood spatulas.


I can make, or teach you to make oak gates, gate hurdles, spatulas, pergolas, timber framing pegs, stools, wooden flowers, toys, the list goes on. I also teach green wood work courses.

Keith and students at a green woodworking course holding wooden tressles they have made.